Introducing °Small World

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Dan Salkey
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Small businesses and startups are some of the most interesting organisations in the world. They employ the majority of the workforce, drive product innovation and have greater diversity of talent than their larger counterparts. So around a year ago when we were staring at a mass extinction of small businesses and startups we knew something had to be done. When government responses didn’t do enough the pandemic revealed the resilience and goodwill of humans world wide. We pitched in, donated, supported, did whatever we could to make sure businesses survived.

One of those responses was our very own Not Fur’ Long. In the height of the pandemic we mobilised marketing and advertising’s very best to provide small businesses at risk of closure with pro bono marketing support. There’s countless amounts of evidence to suggest that marketing spend should stay the same during a crisis to maintain market share. Ironically it’s often the first thing to be cut. We created a global community of business owners and marketing experts. We helped hundreds of businesses either through one to one project work or through resources, workshops and webinars. Hopefully a lot of you reading this now are from a business we reached. Ultimately what Not Fur’ Long revealed was that business owners like yourselves simply didn’t have a marketing service they could afford or trust.  

You all insisted that marketing support was vital to your businesses success. You were more than happy to pay for some form of support. It was obvious that the marketing and advertising industry simply wasn’t providing a service that could cater to you. Agencies provide a high quality service and in most cases deliver top notch work but small businesses & startups are priced out of using them because of hefty overheads and retained models. On the other side of the spectrum you have freelancer platforms and predatory ‘marketing gurus’ promising you 300% sales increases over night.

So we went to work putting together a marketing service built for your business first. A service that sides with small businesses and startups. A service that builds a moat around the snake oil salesmen of the marketing world. We’re delighted to tell you about °Small World. We’re a community of marketing partners helping small business and startups grow. We fit between unaffordable marketing agencies and untrustworthy freelancer platforms. We never promise overnight success but we do promise to recommend services which give you valuable sustained growth, balancing brand building with sales activations. This means brand & marketing strategy which both defines your brand long term but also highlights which channels to communicate across for short term sales. It means campaigns which operate across the whole funnel so that your media spend is both building your brand as well as selling products & services. It’s engaging content for wherever your audience may experience your brand. And web design to create a compelling and functional website which communicates your brand story whilst making sure visitors can buy your products with ease.

Sound like a deal? Want to get going? Well the first step is to book your complimentary Discovery Call. We’ll ask you to fill out a short survey on the state of your businesses marketing. We’ll then go through it all with you on a call. You just need to be ambitious and committed to growing your business.

Once we’ve agreed the right way to use marketing to grow your business we'll need some trusted marketers to make it happen. Luckily from our time in the industry we know a few, a few thousand in fact. We’ve built up a network of talent that can help anytime from anywhere, at a price that’s affordable to you. We find the right team members with a genuine interest in your business to deliver the job. On demand, on budget and on time.

Finally we want you to feel like you’re part of a community when you work with °Small World so we’ll also invite you to join all of our small businesses and startups on Facebook. It’s a place where you can meet people at like minded challenger brands, get the latest industry news and receive free advice on some of your biggest marketing challenges.

We’re here to prove size doesn’t matter. Small Business. Big Ambition.