Positioning a medical marvel to help them close a £3M raise.

Clerkenwell Health

The Brief

There is a significant & increasingly unmet need for effective mental health treatments globally. Clerkenwell Health aims to meet that need. They’re an innovative new health company using psychedelic based medicines and therapies to treat mental health disorders. We’re strategic and creative partners to Clerkenwell Health.

What We Did

So far we've put together their brand strategy, messaging and visual identity as well as continuing to support with ad-hoc design requests to activate the brand - pitch decks, social assets, therapy manuals.

The Outcome

A comprehensive brand narrative and identity for Clerkenwell to use when pitching new clients and when raising investment. Contributed to a £3M raise.
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There are few organisations I’ve come across that have a genuine passion for and understanding of the growing psychedelics sector. °Small World is certainly one of those few and it’s shown from their long term strategic advice to the everyday creative deliverables they've helped us with.

Alastair Moore, Investor & Advisor
Clerkenwell Health