Cleaning up with sustainable cleaning products on paid social.

Purdy & Figg

The Brief

Purdy Rubin & Charlotte Figg, an NHS nurse and a Horticulturist, wanted to make sustainable cleaning products that they felt good using. From hand sanitiser to household cleaning every Purdy & Figg product helps keep your home, body and the planet happy. We were tasked with creating paid social ads to launch their new Counter Clean range.

What We Did

We created a set of 25+ assets communicating 5 consumer benefits in a variety of creative styles. We also delivered every individual 'scene' as video modules to build optimised performance assets in the future.

The Outcome

A resounding success. The campaign sold out in the pre-sale phase (10,000 units).
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The °Small World process allowed us to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively deliver a large number of assets for our Counter Clean campaign. The shoot was seamless and had platform best practice in mind.

Jack Rubin, Co-CEO
Purdy & Figg